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Plans Available

We represent all major carriers so that we can get YOU the best plan possible!

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Medicare Supplements

  • Prescription Drug Coverage

  • Dental, Vision, Hearing

  • Hospital Indemnity

  • Final Expense

We are excited to help you find the plan that's right for you!

We are a group of local, independent Medicare agents. We formed our agency in 2014 with a dedication to making sure our clients were fully educated on the plans available to them. After helping thousands of clients, we have never been more motivated than we are now to helping seniors get more benefits than they even knew were possible. 

By covering all major carriers, we can get you the best rates in the industry, with no commission costs to you! 

Each client is unique, and that's why we make sure to educate you on the best options available for your unique situation.


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3 Keys to Choosing the Medicare Plan That's Right for You

Senior Source Insurance

"Hello! We are so grateful to all of our clients who have helped us create a business that has thrived since beginning in 2014. We are excited to report that we have helped thousands of people take control of their healthcare and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life."

-Alan Sword & Matt Wiegman, Agency Owners

Who We Are

​At Senior Source, we are committed to helping seniors find quality health insurance that is affordable and specific to your needs.  We don't work for the large insurance companies, we work for you, and our services are free! We actively compare plans and policies to find the best value for you.  Whether you have questions about your initial enrollment, prescription drug coverage, local networks of doctors, “the donut hole”, or any other healthcare concern, we are here to assist you. Just give us a call for a no-obligation appointment with a licensed representative. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to help senior citizens live longer, healthier, and more satisfying lives by offering Medicare plans on an individual basis. 



Our Story


​​​​"When I turned 65, it seemed like every company wanted to sell me something. I decided to go to Senior Source, and they explained my options and let me decide. I'm happy to recommend Senior Source to my friends."


- Jack R, Corydon, IN

"Matt helped me save $60/month for the same coverage I already had!"


- Marcia H, Sellersburg, IN

"Any time I have a question, I know I can call my Senior Source agent and he will help me. He even helped me find some extra benefits that I didn't know my plan offered."


- Darrell R, Louisville, KY

"I was so confused coming onto Medicare. I was surprised to learn that Alan at Senior Source represented so many different companies. He saved me from paying too much for my supplement, and even helped me get a medication I wasn't going to be able to afford at no cost to me. I'm so happy I let Alan help me with this process."


- Ricky D,New Albany, IN

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