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"When I turned 65, it seemed like every company wanted to sell me something. I decided to go to Senior Source, and they explained my options and let me decide. I'm happy to recommend Senior Source to my friends"

- Jack R, Corydon, IN

"Matt helped me save $60/month for the same coverage I already had!"

- Marcia H, Sellersburg, IN

"Any time I have a question, I know I can call my Senior Source agent and he will help me. He even helped me find some extra benefits that I didn't know my plan offered."

- Darrell R, Louisville, KY

"I was so confused coming onto Medicare. I was surprised to learn that Kyle at Senior Source represented so many different companies. He saved me from paying too much for my supplement, and even helped me get a medication I wasn't going to be able to afford at no cost to me. I'm so happy I let Kyle help me with this process." - Ricky D,New Albany, IN